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How do I install Microsoft office 2019?

Installing Microsoft office 2019 is easy and can be done by following the steps below. Questions? Contact us here. altijd contact met ons opnemen per mail of via de chat.


Bekijk ook de activatie video hier.

Step 1: Download


Belangrijk: verwijder eerst alle bestaande Office installaties van je PC/laptop, voordat je een nieuwe versie van Office gaat installeren. Hulp nodig? Klik hier.

Use the download button below to download the software in your preferred language.

Missing your preferred language? Please contact us to get the product in your language.

Step 2: Open the file


After completing your download you can open it on Windows 10 using Windows Explorer, by using a right mouse click.


Step 3: Start the installation


After opening the file the installation will start. It will take several minutes or more.


Step 4: After installing


When the installation completes you'll see the following screen on your device.



You can close this screen to continue.

Step 5: Open Office


After completing the installation you can activate the product by opening one of the applications like Word from the main menu. (1)Open an application like Word (2) wait for the application to load


Step 6: Activation


IMPORTANT: Check which activation method you selected during checkout. We sell products for either online or phone activation.

Phone activation

After opening the application you can select to use the phone activation.



In the next prompt you have to select your country and region, which is used to verify your location.


You'll see an installation id that you need later to activate the product.



You can either use This link on the Microsoft website or call the number displayed on the screen. In both cases you need the installation id that's displayed on your screen.


Depending on the installation id you need to click the button for 6 or 7 figures.


After adding the installation id you'll go the next step. Always enter 0 in this stepas you can only use the license on one device.


The website returns a confirmation id that you need to enter again in the activation prompt.



You're now activated!

Online activation

IMPORTANT: Use the phone activation if online activation doesn't work.


After opening the application you can enter the activation key to use the product. Nog geen licentiecode? Je kunt Office professional plus 2019 Buy Office here. 



Getting the error displayed below? Use the phone activation instead.


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